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women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Kat Kehres
Queen of Hearts

"The last thing I needed in my life was another business seminar! Since I started my business, I have taken at least 5,000 classes, seminars and workshops. Okay, I may be exaggerating just a little, but I really have been saturated with "good advice" and the like.

When I read about the Women's Small Business Expo though I knew I had to go. I signed up purely guided by my intuition.

Linda Hollander, the founder of the Women's Small Business Expo, told us this was going to be different. After the first hour, I was a believer.

I learned how to "network" authentically and effectively and most surprisingly, joyously. I learned a lot about the Internet, marketing, media and more. Most of all though was the amazing support for the learning and for each of us in that room.


The support did not end with the expo. I have made lasting connections with other like-minded entrepreneurs and we are continuing to support and cheer each other on to success.


Thank you Linda for giving me an experience that has helped me enormously with my business and a weekend that was great fun as well!"


-Kat Kehres
Queen of Hearts

"I feel like I have 10 million atoms of energy and I know that I'm unstoppable."

-Mira Gandy
She She Design Group

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Mira Gandy

She She Design Group

Sally Peoples

Pure and Simple

"This has been the most dynamic meeting of people. It has changed my business life.

I made 2 of the most important contacts for things that were missing in my business. We're at a pivotal point and our business is finally ready to move to the next level. Thank you Linda Hollander. Thank you Women's Small Business Expo."

-Sally Peoples
Pure and Simple

"I was unsure about a women's event. Happily, I found that the Women's Small Business Expo was all about relationships. You can learn from new entrepreneurs as well as extremely successful people who've developed multi-million dolIar businesses. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime."

-Genevieve Peters
Peters Procedures

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Genevieve Peters
Peters Procedures

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Kathryn Stults
Rose McNutt

"I left the Women's Small Business Expo with this tremendous feeling that I could change the world."

-Kathryn Stults
High School Student

"Because of this expo, I have been given a new life."

-Rose McNutt

"I have an acupuncture business, but that's only part of what I want to do. Somewhere along the way, I lost a dream which I reclaimed at the Women's Small Business Expo.

My new dream is to be a public speaker and I'm going for it!"

-Patti Carey
Desert Longevity Institute

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Patti Carey
Desert Longevity Institute

Judy Foster
Shared Vision Network

"I put together events and I can tell you that this event is one of the most fabulous events I've ever been to. There are incredible women here who are making a difference and coming from the heart. They really care about who you are and what you do. This is a must for everyone!"

-Judy Foster
Shared Vision Network

"Thank you for sharing your vision and creating a space for all of us to come, to learn, to grow and to connect.

Thank you for such humble, honorable and inspired leadership!"

-Shawn Moore
Baroness Builders

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Shawn Moore
Baroness Builders

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Gloria Park, GloToy

Suki Low, Soul Scrolls

"The most marvelous thing happened to me. By coincidence, I saw a woman the first night that looked familiar. We both came up to each other and said, "Don't I know you?" We remembered that we were best friends in college 16 years ago. We live close to each other and will definitely form a success team and keep in touch.

The Women's Small Business Expo is great for making new friends as well as connecting with old friends."

-Gloria Park
-Suki Low
Soul Scrolls

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Courtney Pepper

Messages Waiting

"As an exhibitor, I met 6 new clients. I can't wait for the next Women's Small Business Expo!"

-Courtney Pepper
Messages Waiting

"After returning from the Women's Small Business Expo, I was able to get a great new client from a large corporation that will significantly grow my business.

The turnaround time from my presentation to making the sale so quick I was blown away. This was the ideal client I want to work with. Thank you for giving me the skills to make this happen."


-Barbara Heyn
Atticus Consulting

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Barbara Heyn

Atticus Consulting

Sheryl Allen-Terrific Me
Sheryl Allen
Terrific Me

"This is by far the best event for women in business I've have ever attended.

To be in the room of such incredible and powerful women is so empowering. I'm blown away. Just keep doing it!"

-Sheryl Allen
Terrific Me

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Kelly O'Neil

UpLevel Strategies

"As an exhibitor I met 10 new clients at and spoke with so many amazing women.

The business I generated more than paid for the cost of the show including the travel costs. As a participant, the speakers were inspiring. However, the real value for me is that I left with several amazing new relationships with really inspiring and intelligent women that will last a lifetime. I will definitely be back!"


-Kelly O'Neil
UpLevel Strategies

"Women need to know they are not alone in their dreams.

My deepest thanks to you for planning the Women's Small Business Expo and having the courage to put on this wonderful empowerment event."

-Jordan Mercedes
The Art of Rest

"My life will never be the same and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you, thank you thank you!"

-Michelle Pauley

women's small business expo entrepreneurs owners
Michelle Pauley

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